Exposure to mold over a long period can seriously impact quality of life for you and your family. Learn about the 4 most prominent health risks household mold exposes your family to, and how to avoid them, with First Response.

1 – Persistent Cold

Do you and your family seem peculiarly exposed to cold-like sicknesses? Consistently experiencing dry eyes, coughing, irritated throats? Because mold is often invisible to the eye; hidden behind appliances, drywall, and in your ventilation systems, the symptoms of mold exposure can be falsely attributed to the common cold.

Everyone gets the cold from time to time, but if the cold seems to be going around your house more often than it isn’t, chances are you’ve got a mold problem. If this applies to you, get in touch with First Response for a free consultation.

ottawa mold removal2 – Reduced Immuno-Response

Mold exposure at home means that every day, your body is fighting off the effects of airborne fungal contaminants. Your immune system has a finite (though renewable) amount of energy. Consistent exposure to mold means your body is left with significantly less energy to fight off other sickness, exposing you and your family to a higher chance of cold, flu, etc.

For infants, the elderly, and those sensitive to mold exposure; dealing with household mold is all the more important. Infants and the elderly have already weak immune systems, so mold exposure has a greater impact on their health. Those sensitive to mold will not only manifest more intense symptoms, but will burn considerably more energy fighting off the effects of mold.


3 – Peace of Mind

It’s important to recognize not just the physiological impact of mold, but also the psychological.

When your immune system is forced to burn energy every day just to allow you to live in your home, every member of your family is left with less energy to tackle day-to-day life.

Waking up is more difficult, going to work and school is more difficult; you simply are less capable of performing the day’s activities. Grades are worse, work is less productive, simply because you don’t have the energy required to excel. This contributes not only to reducing your overall quality of life and increasing stress. Cleaning the kitchen is bad enough when you’re completely drained of energy, but adding a stuffy nose, cough, and sore throat to the equation makes it worse.

ottawa mold removalFirst Response Mold Remediation

When it comes to protecting health and peace of mind for you and your family, mold simply has to go. If you are, or think you might be, suffering from a mold problem, get in touch with First Response. We will perform a comprehensive inspection of your home and inform you of all the options available to completely cleanse your house of mold.