Disaster cleanup services like First Response do more than clean crime scenes! In fact, we clean up all manner of catastrophic messes, many that expose a person to significant health risk. If you’re dealing with any of the following messes, don’t clean it yourself! Instead, get in touch with First Response.

1) Basement Flooding

Flooded basements are generally massive undertakings to fix. Not only do you need to find a way to pump out all the water and moisture, but once it’s gone, you must go about the ordeal of assessing the damage and fixing it. For insurance reasons alone, the scope of such work almost always necessitates hiring a professional service. The presence of water in your basement does major damage to not just your carpets and furniture, but also the structure of your home.

Professional services will not only provide you the quickest and most efficient means to remove all the moisture that has penetrated your basement, but also the fastest solution to repairing all damage and returning your home to its initial state. Carpets, furniture, basement electronics, drywall, framing, insulation; everything water touches generally needs to be replaced, and doing so on your own is a massive job. Calling First Response provides you an alternative route to peace-of-mind that will not only fix the problem as quick as possible, but leave you and your home insurance provider happy.

2) Structural Mold

Many forms of mold
rely on cellulose for nutrition. Materials like wood, drywall, and wallpaper provide cellulose in rich abundance. When these materials absorb significant moisture, they develop mold that will eat away at them over time, threatening the structural integrity of your home.Mold Removal Ottawa

This rot can have a wide range of causes. Flooding, leaky pipes, leaky roofing, poorly installed plumbing fixtures like toilets and tubs, etc. If caught soon enough, simply addressing the source of moisture and drying effected areas is enough to stop the progression of rot. First Response will generally do this with industrial fans and dehumidifiers.

When structural mold has progressed beyond this point, First Response will remove, replace, and re-paint all damaged structural materials, returning your home to its original condition.

3) Sewage Backup

Sometimes homes encounter plumbing problems that cause sewage back-up. Especially in the case of basement toilets, back-pressure in septic or sewage systems can cause waste to flow the wrong way, making its way into the toilet and onto bathroom floors. Cleaning this mess is no small feat, but is also extremely dangerous, as sewage is biohazardous. Contact with skin and inhalation exposes a person to significant risk of infection and disease, which is why First Response addresses the problem with full personal protective equipment, strictly following ABRA biohazard disposal protocols.

If you are suffering from sewage backup, it is critical that you do not attempt to clean it yourself, and instead hire a professional service. These clean-ups are generally covered by home insurers, and allow you to avoid the significant health risks associated with a DIY cleanup.

4) Fire Damage

Has your property recently suffered significant damage due to fire damage?
Even minor fires can be devastating to a property. On top of the immediate damage a fire does to your home or building, it can have long-lasting effects on your property.

wall-fire-damage-ottawaReplacing ruined fixtures and appliances fixes the evident impact of fire damage, but does not address the presence of soot, ash, and debris that cause significant discoloration, odour, and poor air quality throughout the home.

Unlike ash, soot is oily, staining carpets, draperies, and any porus materials throughout your home. Soot must be completely removed from your home before the process of deodourizing starts, and fully removing soot generally requires professional equipment.  First Response fixes the problem by deploying industrial vacuum systems, chemical foggers, comprehensive duct cleaning, and removing/replacing effected furniture, textiles, drywall, etc.

5) Blood

Even minor accidents can lead to major messes. When blood is involved, the danger of possible blood-borne pathogens must be recognized.

Human blood can transmit a number of dangerous or even fatal diseases and infections, including HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, to name a few. Making the decision to clean blood yourself without the proper training and professional equipment carries the risk of exposing yourself to extensive hospitalization, life-long treatment, a significant reduction in quality of life, and often death.

Whether a minor cut or major accident, the presence of blood is something that you ought never clean yourself. Professional institutions like ABRA exist to provide professional training and certification with respect to avoiding blood-borne pathogens during cleanup, so make sure any blood is cleaned by a certified service!

6) Wind, Hail, Natural Catastrophe

Has your home or property been damaged from some manner of natural phenomena? The damage caused by excessive wind, hail, or other disasters can often be too extensive for property owners to address themselves; but who do you call to help you take care of it?

Wind Damage OntarioFirst Response, of course!

Not only will First Response comprehensively clean the catastrophic mess that mother nature often causes, but we are also fully capable of restoring your property to its initial state. From private homes to commercial facilities, we have the certification, team, and experience to tackle any job from hail-damaged roofs to full-blown natural catastrophe.

All it takes to return your property to its initial state, as though nothing ever happened, is to get in touch with First Response.

7) Hoarder Cleanup

Getting a hoarder to the stage where they are ready to approach a purge of their horde is only half the battle. After that, you’ve got to tackle the mess, and that is no small feat.

Hoarding CleanupHoarder’s accumulate junk sometimes for decades, piling mess on top of mess, creating ideal circumstances for the proliferation of bacteria and disease. Cleaning these messes without the proper training and equipment exposes a person to significant risk. Hoarder messes are a minefield of possible vectors via which infection, disease, and sickness can enter the body. Something as simple as walking through a dust cloud during clean-up can cause be all it takes to become extremely sick, as bacteria and disease can enter the body through your respiratory system, or even your eyes!

If you know a hoarder who needs their home cleaned, never attempt to DIY. Instead, get in touch with First Response.