ABRA Certified

First Response is proudly certified by the American Bio Recovery Association for receiving the Bio-Recovery Technician Certification. The certification ensures that all technicians are trained in remediation techniques, etiquette, biological safety, blood borne pathogens and medical waste disposal. All technicians are trained on how to properly dispose of all waste and biohazardous materials. With this certification you can rest assured that First Response is the most qualified team for the job, ensuring all process and practices are followed.


IICRC Certification

First Response Cleaning has received the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC). This certification ensures that First Response is update on all the latest cleaning and restoration techniques and technologies. First Response has also received the IICRA S500 and S520 certifications. With the IICRC certifications consumers can remain confident that First Response is the best choice for the job, as they are experienced and qualified professionals, who have been trained in the proper cleaning, inspection and restoration of upholstery, wood flooring, carpet cleaning and more.

AMDECON Certification

First Response has proudly achieved the American Decontamination Association’s (AMDECON) Crime Scene, Meth Lab & Hoarding Cleaning Certification. The certification process entails that the participants understand the best practices for properly decontaminating all types of crime scenes and hoarding locations. With this certification consumers can rest assured that First Response has the best team for the job, with the highest knowledge of crime scene, meth lab and hoarding cleaning.


HWIN Licensed & Ontario Ministry of the Environment Certified

First Response is licensed by the Hazardous Waste Information Network (HWIN). This license allows First Response to register their activities, process electronic manifests and pay hazardous waste fees, to guarantee all activities are tracked by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. First Response is also recognized and certified by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. This informs consumers that First Response follows all guidelines, practices and procedures when removing and cleaning biohazardous materials, crime scenes and hoarding. Contact First Response to ensure your issues are resolved quickly and properly.

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We needed to get a home ready for sale. It had been neglected for a couple of years with a basement filled to hoarder level capacity. The entire house reeked of petroleum product! Hazardous materials where left untouched for who know’s how long! There was some asbestos tape around ductwork to be removed. There was a bit of bathroom mold. That’s not the half of it! The important thing is that First Response handled EVERYTHING! They treated every issue in this house perfectly. The before and after photos are amazing! I would recommend this team to anyone in a similar situation but they do much more than this work! If you need ANY type of hazmat, environmental removal/ cleanup these are the pros! The added bonus is the house sold within 1 week of First Response completing the job!

Cam D.

Customer Service

  • Fast response
  • Friendly service
  • Professional and thorough


  • Over a decade in the industry
  • IICRC and ABRA certified
  • Highly trained and specialized team


  • State of the art air purification
  • Environmentally safe cleaning
  • Chemical/biohazard disposal