A few days ago, an article was published by the national post, detailing how a Kingston-area landlord was taken advantage of by his previous tenants. The family who was living in the landlord’s rental unit accumulated over 9 tonnes of garbage, keeping birds and livestock in the house for years. It took 6 months for the landlord to receive a ruling from the Landlord Tenant Board, at which point he finally evicted the family, only to be faced with the task of disaster clean-up.

Disaster Restoration OttawaThe Damage

This landlord was renting to a family of tenants, but unknown to him, his property also accommodated chickens, rabbits, pigeons, and a goat! The family would use buckets of water to clean the floors, dirt, garbage (including used needles) and feces down heating vents for ‘disposal’. To top things off, enraged by their eviction, they ‘grease-bombed’ the home as they left. By leaving a small pot of grease in the oven, turning the heat to high, and leaving the door slightly opened, fumes accumulate grease along the top of walls and ceilings, dripping down and damaging everything in it’s path.

DIY Cleanup

This landlord, likely unaware of the services available from First Response, decided to tackle the task of cleanup on his own. Months after the eviction, by all accounts he’s still at it, having removed (according to his estimates) over nine tonnes of junk from the interior of his home. Forced to scrub every square inch of the interior of his home to remove all the grease, this landlord is perhaps Ontario’s worst ever case of landlord abuse, and is still cleaning months after eviction.

Cleanup Done Right, and Fast, with First Response

Disaster Restoration OttawaBeing a landlord necessarily exposes a person to a degree of risk. While events such as these are certainly an exception from the norm, they represent the very worst of what can happen as a landlord. The landlord tenant board is structurally biased towards the interests of tenants, and sometimes things like this can happen. When they do, not only is a landlord stuck with the cleanup of what is often their primary income generator, but they are also stuck with mortgage and utility payments on a property that is not generating revenue!

If you, like this landlord, have had a property abused by tenants, don’t risk your income and call First Response. We are a team of trained and experienced disaster-cleanup professionals, with access to professional tools and chemicals, and can make clean-up faster and more effective than anything you’d be capable of on your own. If your tenants have made a disaster of your property, make the time between renters as short as conceivably possible by having First Response deal with all your disaster cleanup needs. Serving the Ottawa area and beyond, if your tenants have left a disaster, get in touch with First Response