Mold is one of those things that people sometimes learn to live with. Like any smell around the house, when you live in it for long enough, eventually you lose your awareness that it even exists. Visible mold is easily treatable with over-the-counter sprays and materials, but the mold that lives behind your walls, under your toilet, etc. contributes to poor air quality that poses health risks to you and your family. Learn more about these risks, and how to remove them, with First Response.

The Slow Onset Of Mold.

Household MoldMould of any kind are large colonies of particular strains of bacteria. They feed off and grow in moist, still areas. Living, eating, growing, and dying everyday, the ‘waste’ they give off gets into the air of your home. This air is not fit for breathing, but as long as it is in low enough quantities, is often tolerable by humans. Like any household smell, because a family spends so much time around it, it’s not unusual for them to forget it’s even there! As mould grows, it slowly reduces indoor air quality further and further, often so slowly and persistently that a family takes no notice. Family members seem to be sick all the time with symptoms of a cold, sometimes developing mild fevers. Eventually it gets to the point where even sickness becomes something you get so used to you don’t even notice.

Become Aware of a Mold Problem.

Often we see that a family leaves for a beach vacation, a weekend at the cottage, anything that gets them out of the house for a prolonged period of time; and when they get home, the smell of mold hits them. Maybe the knew about the mold and didn’t think it a problem, maybe they were totally ignorant there was even mold at all. Regardless, when they get home, they’re hit with a wall of must and become immediately aware that they have a mold problem that needs remediation. This is an unfortunate situation, but we see it all the time. Because mold growth has been allowed to take root, it has entirely corrupted the household, and requires a top-to-bottom mold remediation treatment immediately.


Household MoldBecause mold in the above situation has been allowed to fester for a time, treating it is a very intensive process. Tearing down drywall, floor panels, ventilation systems, etc may all be required to bring your family back to health. Fortunately, this can all be avoided by getting in touch with First Response for mold remediation before such intense work is required. If we are allowed to treat mold before it takes root and spreads to all the hard-to-access areas of your home, you can sidestep the period of consistent sickness and the cost associated with such intensive work. If you think you might have a household mold problem, get in touch with First Response for a free consultation. Our professionals will assess your home, let you know if you’ve got mold, and inform you as to your options to remediate it. For any questions about mold remediation in Ottawa, get in touch with First Response.