If you ever find yourself in a situation where you come across a crime scene, it’s important that you stay calm and don’t panic. If you know what to do, your help can go a long way to helping solve crimes. Follow these steps to learn how to properly respond to an Ottawa crime scene.

Step 1: Stay Calm

Your emotional state has a direct correlation to your ability to rationally respond to this situation, so protecting your ability to remain rational ought to be your first priority.

Confronted with a crime scene, you are going to be assailed with every reason to fly into a panic. Your first reaction should be to recognize this fact, and focus 100% of your energy on staying calm.

From this point on, every single action you perform has to be deliberate. From now until authorities arrive, your actions have tremendous importance, so be sure to recognize that importance by carefully considering absolutely everything you do.

Crime Scene Cleanup OttawaStep 2: Do Not Contaminate The Scene

If you have stumbled into a crime scene, it’s important that you stop immediately. When authorities arrive, they are going to be investigating every single detail of the scene, including the ones you contribute, so you want to make efforts to minimize the impact you have on the scene, but also remember the impacts you have made.

This is why its so important to be calm and deliberate. Authorities are going to want to know every detail you can provide concerning exactly what your influence on the crime scene is. Keeping your wits about you will go a long way to helping you remember and recall those tiny details and assist them with solving the case.

Step 3: Call 911

Now that you’ve worked on managing your state of mind, and ensured that you’ve taken every appropriate measure to minimize your impact on the crime scene, it’s time to call for help.

Authorities are going to ask you a range of questions regarding your location and the nature of the scene. As soon as they are done with that, the 911 operator will fill you in on next steps.

Sometimes, they will ask you to stay. If your location is remote, they may ask you to meet them somewhere public and take them to the scene.

As soon as things are done, you will have fulfilled a tremendous civic duty. Depending on the nature of the scene, Police may provide free access to psychological care. Its often very useful to take advantage of this service, as a psychological ‘de-briefing’ can go a long way to protecting your state of mind in the aftershock of such an event.

Crime Scene Cleanup OttawaStep 4: Recommend First Response

While First Response is the go-to service for many of Ontario’s police forces, it may be the case that yours hasn’t heard of us! When the Police you want to know how you managed to respond so perfectly to such a tough situation, be sure to let them know that First Response is the Ontario leader in Crime Scene management, and that they should get in touch for clean-up services when the police are done!