Trauma cleanup is never a service that people frequently interact with. The nature of the work is obscure, so people don’t really know what differentiates a good trauma cleanup service from a bad one. Fortunately, First Response is here with everything you need to know.

It’s Not Just About The Cleanup

Making sure that your chosen service provider is competent and capable of a thorough clean is important, but its nearly impossible to differentiate the quality of service in that respect. Frankly, as long as you have access to the right equipment and have cleaners that are not incompetent, chances are you’ll get a decent clean regardless of who you hire.

When it comes to trauma cleanup, you ought to look into other factors as well:

Determinants of Quality

Is your service provider able to offer immediate service? Time sensitivity is a fundamental aspect of trauma cleanup. A service that recognizes the value of immediate service is of considerably higher quality than one that is not.

ottawa trauma cleaning companyDoes your provider recognize the importance of compassionate treatment? Trauma scenes require extreme emotional sensitivity. Trauma scenes can invite severe emotional distress even months after an accident if cleanup is not thorough. It’s important you hire a service provider who understands how to treat a trauma scene with compassion during a cleanup, but also ensure that nothing is left behind that will invite further distress later on.

Does your service provider have a proven reputation? Trauma cleanup is not a job you ever want to leave to amateurs. All it takes is a single piece of evidence being left behind to bring back the trauma that these scenes can cause. A single spot on a picture frame is all that it takes to bring back the trauma such a scene can cause, so knowing the job will be done professionally is an important factor to ensure peace-of-mind.

What about certification? There are several institutions that ensure the quality of trauma cleanup. Its essential that your service provider knows how to deal with the unique nature of trauma cleanup, or they are liable to expose themselves and you to biological contaminants. ABRA, IICRC, AMDECON, and HWIN are all certifications that you’ll want to ensure your service provider has before hiring.

First Response Ottawa Trauma Cleanup

ottawa trauma cleaning companyWith decades of collective experience under our belt, and the proud reputation of the Ottawa police departments first call for trauma cleanup, you can rest easy selecting First Response as your trauma cleanup service provider.

With extensive industry certifications, guaranteed same-day services, extensive psychological training, and a proven track-record of perfect cleanup, with First Response you now you’re getting precisely the service you need.

When it comes to trauma cleanup, the last thing you want to be doing is devoting time and energy to assessing the pros and cons of different cleaning service providers. With First Response, you can spare yourself the burden and go with a service you know you can trust.

If you are in need of trauma cleanup, don’t hesitate to get in touch.